Friday, October 31, 2014

Homeowner Hints for a Successful Sale - Interior

Interior Hints for Successful Sale

Odors and aromas - avoid heavy frying, using vinegar or cooking strong-smelling foods. Odors often last and work against the image you are trying to create.  On the other hand, some smells have a positive effect on people:  baked bread, apple pie, chocolate cookies, and cinnamon rolls are examples of foods that can help sell your home.

Consider keeping packaged cookies or bread dough in the refrigerator. Just before a scheduled showing, the smell of these baking foods can be great help to us.  If you or your family members smokes, don't smoke in your home and don't allow guest to smoke.  Stale tobacco odors can be masked with some odors sprays.  If the temperature allows it, open windows and air out the house every morning.
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